National Surgical conference 20.09.20

Virtual ACCESS is A Core-trainee led national and virtual  Conference to Enhance Surgical Succession


In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic surgical trainees wanted a safe conference to present research, innovation and their own experiences with easy access for all UK surgical trainees

This will be the first virtual surgical trainee conference organised in the UK 


The conference will be held over a single day with presentations from surgical trainees aiming to combine evidence and experience. The opening plenary session will include presentations from large collaborative projects and surgical trainess themselves. The conference will break into specialty 'rooms' for the prize session to enable surgical trainees to share their specific research and innovation with like-minded colleagues. Prizes will be on offer for the best presentations and will be selected by Consultants and Registrars judging each session


Click here for information about our 'Partners' who are helping to make this conference happen and will be attending the conference as plenary speakers, judges or virtual expo booths




  Below are the separate prize presentation sessions which will run concurrently:

20th September 2020 

0925 - 1600

General + Vascular Surgery

ENT + MaxFax




Teaching, training + improvement


COVID + innovation

Abstract submission is now closed

There is no formal structure or set headings for the abstracts to maximise the flexibility and ease of submission. We welcome proposals for topical presentations on equality/racism in surgery, COVID experiences/impact and discussions about the changing environment of surgical training

Obviously we would love to hear about your impactful research projects but we will also consider particularly interesting case reports, especially with important learning points

Authors will choose one of the following subjects when submitting their abstracts:

The word limit is 250 

For non-standard submissions on topics such as equality please write a 250 word summary of the presentation

Some abstracts not accepted for oral presentation will be considered for poster presentation 


abstract info


General Surgery









Hot Topics






Collaborative projects

Plastic Surgery



To register for a free ticket follow this link 


how it works

Those who have registered will receive updates and information about how to access the conference. The conference will be held over an online video conferencing program called Hopin which only requires an account and to register to the app or fees

The first and last sessions of the day will be a plenary sessions for everyone. We will split up into separate rooms for the 'specialty' and 'hot topic' sessions 

You can log in to as much or as little as you want, there will be live polls and attendees can ask questions through the chat side panel during every session. See this video for a demo...



We are requesting abstracts from CSTs in the UK primarily however we would love to have submissions from F1/2 and ST 1/2/3  too and we will include them if we can


The conference is free to all attendees and all welcome


We are a small group of core trainees so please be patient with any submitted questions and we'll get back to you when we can


+ expo booths


For any companies, organisations or societies interested in sponsoring the event or who would like a virtual expo booth please contact via the question box above

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