National Surgical conference 


All abstracts will be considered for oral presentation during the conference and the session will be allocated based on suitability. The initial selection process will be carried out by Consultants, Specialty Registrars and the conference organisers using a scoring system similar to below.

We will be distributing anonymised abstracts to selectors to avoid possible bias


A secondary benefit to this is due to the considerable evidence that when applying for jobs ethnic minorities and applicants with non-white sounding names are negatively discriminated against

In 2009 the UK Government Department of Work and Pensions published evidence from a field study which used matched-applications for jobs with randomly assigned names associated with specific ethnic groups. They described "High levels of name-based net favour of white applicants." [1]


Further to this, in 2019 the GEMM project submitted thousands of fictitious job applications which were identical except for randomly varying the ethnic minority. They found the following:


"Across all occupations, we found clear evidence of discrimination. On average, nearly one in four applicants from the majority group (24%) received a positive response from employers. The job search effort was less successful for ethnic minorities: only 15% of them received a positive response. The resulting callback ratio of 1.6 indicates that minority applicants, despite having identical resumes and cover letters, needed to send 60% more applications in order to receive as many callbacks as the majority group" [2]

Hopefully by name-blinding the abstracts we will remove any conscious and subconscious racial bias which would impact the fairness of our selection process



Example abstract scoring system and PDF download


We will be awarding prizes for oral presentations in every session. If there are enough presentations in a session we may award 2nd and 3rd places prizes as well. The specific prizes are to be confirmed

Presentations will be rated live by Professors, Consultants and Registrars purposefully assigned to those sessions based on their interests and specialty. The scoring will be on standardised scoring sheets then averaged between the raters. The prizes will be announced live at the end of the conference and winners will be emailed